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Industrial & Commercial Service

Company Overview

New Phoenix Metals is a full-service industrial recycling company located in Greenville, Texas (forty miles Northeast of Dallas). We specialize in fulfilling the recycling needs of industries in the Southwestern United States. We can help your company recycle your scrap metal promptly and profitably. New Phoenix can also assist in dispersing excess and obsolete inventories.  We are service-oriented, and stress professionalism and promptness in all business matters.

Scrap Metal Services

Scrap metal is our foremost concern.  Our staff has decades of experience and knowledge in the scrap metal field and it shows in our ability to obtain the highest price for any material you may produce.  We provide the necessary containers to store our scrap,  including 55-gallon drums, cardboard boxes, metal tote bins, 20, 30, 40, and 60-yard roll-off containers.  All scrap pickups are made within 24 hours of your call, and payment is made promptly upon received weight and grade of material.  We have the flexibility to pick up as little as 5,000 lbs.  scrap metal from your facility at a time up to large projects requiring multiple pickups per day.


Scrap metal prices are usually based off of benchmark pricing.  New Phoenix bases are prices off of the closing prices of The American Metal Markets, a daily news publication for new, used, and scrap metals.  We will state exactly which numbers we will base against and will formulate a pricing strategy that best suits your needs.  Some companies wish to have up-to-date prices, which are given every time a container is picked up.  Other companies wish to have a certain price held for one month or longer for easier accounting. We will work with you to set up the best pricing plan.

We maintain very competitive prices through the dual efforts of business specialization and an aggressive sales program.  New Phoenix Metals services industrial accounts only; we don’t buy from the “man on the street”.  This allows us to focus our efforts on a specific type of sales. Also, our sales force searches daily for the best domestic and export pricing available, which is passed on to you.


When we say we service your company, that is exactly what we mean.  We pride ourselves in providing prompt, professional service every step of the way.  We strive to pick up the full scrap containers within twenty-four hours of your call; most pickups are the same day.  If your company is performing an unusual task or an end-of-the year cleanup, we can provide extra containers and schedule pickups daily or several times a day.


Your scrap material is promptly weighed, graded, and priced as soon as it reaches our facility.  You will be called immediately if there is any problems with the grade or if there is excessive contamination.  Payment is set up on a schedule ranging from five days to thirty days, depending on the product.  This payment schedule is strictly adhered to.  You will be very pleased with our promptness.


We can provide a great many services and products for special jobs or circumstances you may encounter.  Services such as “live” loading, flatbed trailer loading, or providing equipment for a unique situation.  Let us know of your needs, maybe we can help.


New Phoenix Metals is committed to providing the best service and pricing for your industry.  We stress professionalism and promptness in every step of our service, from pickup to payment.  Our prices are among the best in the business because we work daily to find the best domestic and overseas markets.  We have the know-how to help you maximize your scrap revenue and minimize handling expenditures. Give us a try; you’ll be glad you did.